Monday, October 24, 2011

Studying the Urban Dictionary

I recently had the opportunity to show off some jewelry design concepts to a New York show room.  The target market was the “urban male.”  As the goods were being reviewed, the sales force commented, ”This is dope.” I’m thinking great drugs are involved. I know it’s not the eighties anymore but drugs can be useful. “We can ice this piece.” I’m thinking who doesn’t like a cold one. Now I am getting excited not only because I think they like what they see but also because drugs and liquid refreshments are on the table… figuratively.  And I was thirsty. The meeting ended on a high.

I was reliving the experience with friends and was soon set straight: dope evidently is “cool and good” all wrapped into one, and ice is “bling”. Who knew?

 Don’t get me started on Blingy Balls. I think we covered that subject. I can hardly see with these fake eyelashes on. I am now making a conscious effort to study the urban dictionary.  It is one thing to be left behind as the tech world explodes and you have the realization that your phone will always be smarter than you, but to not know the “lingo” of the moment leaves one out in the cold, which has nothing to do with ice.

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