Thursday, October 20, 2011

Trends…it’s hard to keep up

There is a new jewelry trend out and about established from the popular reality TV show Basketball Wives. One of the wives made earrings as gifts for the other wives. They are hoops with sparkly style beads on them. You can Google the look. Very pretty.
 My store has been getting requests for “basketball earring” components. In other words they want to make their own. As the requests come in, notes land on my desk, “look into ordering this or that.”
The message I got to order the sparkly beads was….”we need blinky balls” OK I thought, let me Google “blinky balls”….well its true one learns something everyday….the urban definition of “blinky balls” is: one places their testicles on the eyelids of a significant other and the that person blinks his eyes as to allow a fluttering sensation. OK not what I was looking for. And I do apologize to my 2 ex husbands and current husband for not being aware of this treat.
Then I Googled “blingy balls”. An entire different explanation was revealed… Beads that sparkle with rhinestones or crystals or stardust. So if you feel the need to be in the groove come by The Bead Goes On…, pick out your hoops and “blingy balls” and be in the know.
I on the other hand I am off to buy false eyelashes….for Halloween of course.

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  1. I cannot WAIT to read more of this. I mean, you just know so much about this. So much of it Ive never even thought of. You sure did put a new twist on something that Ive heard so much about. I dont believe Ive actually read anything that does this subject as good justice as you just did.
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