Monday, December 21, 2009

Last Night in Bali

We successfully negotiated a bead deal with Carlston owner of “Coffee & Silver,” a restaurant on Monkey Forest Road that serves coffee and sells silver. How apropos!

The negotiations took place over a 3-hour period because the workmen were also present negotiating the removal of the old roof and taking it away. We were a bit concerned that no one was discussing what was replacing the roof! I believe that discussion would follow next week. I’m still not sure if I paid for the roof removal or the beads!

Carlston is Danish and serves Carlsberg. (It’s all fitting together now.) His establishment is so close to the Monkey Forest that on occasion a bold monkey will enter and order a Carlsberg…so the story goes. Nobody cards you in Bali!

It was our last night in Bali and I still hadn’t connected with my friend Meghan so we pulled ourselves away from Coffee & Silver and prepared to walk UP Monkey Forest Road. (Those of you who have been there can understand this feat!)

We met Meghan at Cinta, a fabulous restaurant owned and operated by a gal named Sally. Sally owns 5 restaurants in Ubud.  One is named Siam Sally and serves Thai food. Needless to say, I am jealous of her great name choice!

Several ginger mojitos later we found ourselves following Meghan to the top of Monkey Forest Road (seemed easier now) and on our way to her restaurant, Kafe.  If you ever get to Ubud you must go to Kafe.  A great place to hang out, eat amazing organic food and do a little shopping on the side.

I will give you one piece of advice: Do not try to drink out of the spoon that comes in your juice.  It may look like a straw but rest assured, it is not!

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  1. Ginger Mojitos? That alone is exciting..not to mention the rest of what you told us here!