Monday, December 21, 2009

Lou Zeldis and the Black Beach

Many of you are familiar with designer Lou Zeldis who splits his time between Indonesia and Santa Monica.  I was lucky enough to meet Lou at the Tucson show four years ago.  Today we got lucky again with a visit to his home and showroom in the center of Ubud.

His creations of jewelry, furniture and clothing are unique to what one sees everyday in Bali. He has established himself as an expat in Ubud, managing over the past 20 years to tap into the local talents of carvers, silver smiths and weavers.

Lou’s imagination and the artist’s talents make quite a team producing unique products not seen anywhere else. Walking into Lou’s home is more on the lines of the back room of a museum. There is so much to look at and dig through. Sensory overload short-circuits any budget you have proposed for yourself! 

Many hours later we took a break for lunch and went to an Italian restaurant called the Black Beach.  You must climb up 3 flights of stairs to get to this rooftop gem which overlooks the entire center of Ubud.  The bar on the second floor has a black sand floor.  Lou mentioned you could always tell when the bar has a good night as the black sand gets tracked up and down the streets!

And because I didn’t have any fish with me – I had to order off the menu. (maybe next time……)

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