Monday, December 21, 2009

Monkey Forest

While spending a relaxing day with Lou Zeldis we lost track of time and missed our opportunity to bear witness to a cremation ceremony. We were treated to pictures and commentary from the man who’s uncle passed and who also makes the sarcophagus on our last night so it feels like we witnessed part of it!

The cremation ceremonies proceed throughout the entire town and end up in the Monkey Forest. Since I had yet to experience the monkey forest we woke up early one morning to act as tourists. And as some of you have seen from my facebook pictures – I loved the monkey forest!

You pay $1.50 to enter the forest and 3x that if you want bananas to feed the monkeys. We opted no on the bananas and just enjoyed wandering through the forest.

It was an incredible site to see the monkeys playing, eating, sleeping and fighting right in front of you. I bent down next to one monkey and he climbed right up onto my back! I wanted to take him home but Salai wouldn’t let me!

The temples throughout the forest, and throughout Bali, are incredible. The detail in the stonework and the massiveness of the structures are just amazing to see. I am glad we played tourist for the morning! I miss my monkeys!

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  1. As you probably observed, it's much better to visit without bananas. Those monkeys become quite aggresive if you don't give the bananas away fast enough.

    Glad you got to enjoy some time with Lou. He's always interesting....